Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick reaction to Castle "Setup"

Another Firefly reference! That's two in, what, three weeks? Not that I'm complaining. They still make me ridiculously happy. And it went to Martha this time. Spreading the love around.

I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed now. I'll update the list sometime tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exciting news

In addition to this blog, I do some travel writing. I submitted a short piece to and today I got the following note:

Hey kithica,
Our editors selected your trip as a "Trazzler trip." What does this mean? Out of hundreds of submissions, yours caught our eye. While all writing submitted to Trazzler is published and available on the site, only the very best are cherry-picked to go into the public tripstream on
If you entered a writing contest [I did] or applied for a freelance assignment, having your trip promoted means that you are on our short list of potential winners/freelancers.

I'm pretty excited about this! And I welcome you to take a peek at the piece - it's only about 150 words, so it will be nice and quick. If you like it, please click on "Save" and I'll have a chance of winning the People's Choice Award.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Castle - "Lucky Stiff"

"Lucky Stiff" is the first new episode of Castle since we had the kiss in "Knockdown." The kiss clearly had some kind of impact on Castle, so going into "Lucky Stiff" I was most curious to see how the dynamic between Castle and Beckett was going to play out.

It's interesting. For the most part, they're clearly choosing to ignore the kiss. But, something has shifted. It's subtle, which makes me wonder whether it's Nathan Fillion bringing his own bit of character development to the episode, or whther it's something that was scripted.

Castle "Lucky Stiff" - another Firefly reference?

It wasn't Castle this time who had the line, it was Beckett, which is why I'm not quite certain it was an intentional reference.