Friday, March 18, 2011


It seems my site got a little plug on the boards at's official Castle site. So, welcome to anyone who has wandered over from there. Make yourselves at home.

I'm looking forward to a new episode of Castle on Monday. Finally! Also, according to, where I poked around after checking out the message boards, there will be some live-tweeting with Seamus Deaver and one of the costume designers starting at 10pm ET on Monday. I'm not actually sure what I feel about that, though. I wonder if it's distracting? Maybe watch the episode and then catch up on the tweets? We'll see.

This will probably be followed by some ranting from me about how Castle and Beckett are both grown ups and there's plenty of drama to be had in an actual relationship, so why don't they just SAY IT OUT LOUD, ALREADY! But, I'll save that for Monday.

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